OMS (v3.0.25)

Package oms3

OMS Core execution environment.


Interface Summary
Access Access Interface for Fiels.
ConversionProvider Converter Service provider
Converter<F,T> Converter Interface
Notification.Listener Notification Listener.
ObjectiveFunction Objecttive Function.

Class Summary
CLI Command Line interface to run simulations.
ComponentAccess Component Access.
Compound Abstract Compound Command.
Conversions Conversion Utilities.
FieldContent Generic Data Object for exchange
Notification Event Notification class.
Notification.ComponentEvent Component Event.
Notification.ConnectEvent Connection Event.
Notification.DataflowEvent Data flow event.
Notification.ExceptionEvent Exception Event.
SimBuilder Simbuilder class for all oms simulation DSLs
SimConst All constants to be used for creating simulations.

Enum Summary
Notification.Type Notification Types.

Exception Summary
ComponentException Component Exception.

Package oms3 Description

OMS Core execution environment. This package provides core classes that handle component execution.

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OMS (v3.0.25)

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